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% unemployment. however, the u.s. is getting out of the recession better than europe and japan. megyn: thank you. bill: is the recession on the way out? we have a senior economist from the "wall street journal." how do we read between the lines? >> i agree it is much better than we thought. some people still believe unemployment will go up to 10%. i am sure in the white house today they were very nervous about this. bill: you wonder if they had any indication yesterday or last night that the numbers would be better. however, we also heard from the economic team. christina romer will be our guest in the next hour. she said the stimulus program had likely lifted economic activity by two percentage points in the last quarter. >> i do not see any evidence of that. i think you would have to declare the economic stimulus a failure so far. there are 2 million more unemployed people today than when we started the program. do not forget, they told us that if we passed stimulus plan, we would have unemployment less than 8%. when you have 250,000 additional job losses, that is still kind of lousy, especial
a partner you said to go past cnn. gretchen: join us for the after the show show. have a fabulous monday, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute megyn: good morning, everybody. health care reform is on the verge of all-out political war. a senate democrat ramping up talk of an explosive packed act that would pass a bill -- an explosive tactic that would pass the bill with zero republican support. chuck schumer saying that his hand is on the new button. >> the bottom line is that we prefer a bipartisan approach, which is why senator reid and president obama bent over backwards, this bipartisan bill was supposed to be done after a series of deadlines. at some point soon after we get back, if we do not have a bipartisan bill we bill never be able to meet the goal of having a bill signed into law by the end of the year. yes, we are considering alternatives. megyn: that is where we begin this morning. welcome, greg. gregg: good to see you. you can feel him edging closer to that music button. megyn: he does not
from afghanistan as u.s. marines and afghan forces go door to door to retake a key town from taliban fighters. operation in eastern brazil is days away from securing control of the the area ahead of presidential elections. greg palkot is the only american reporter embedded with the military. what is the latest on the operation this morning? >> day two of operation eastern resolve is underway. they have had a pretty busy day. the cameraman and i spent some time with the marines in this dangerous town. it got off to a bit of a rough start. take a look at what we saw and heard. [gunfire] we have been hearing taliban fire all around us. and these marines are working with another platoon as they work their way down this village, trying to clear this place. the taliban are not giving up. the marines are going house-to- house, making sure that there are no militants remaining, and they are doing in while the taliban the marines did not kill us today tried to kill them today. morning patrol faced some pretty stiff resistance with some fire coming from the mountains. not an easy job, but the
to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal opinions, threatening contrary to what president originally said. bill: that is just the beginning of a fascinating interview. we will relive some of that today. welcome to you. patti ann: dick cheney defending the enhanced interrogation techniques saying that it protected the american lives in the eight years since 9/11. bill: he said that he supports waterboarding, saying that it saved countless american lives our washington managing editor joins us now. good morning to you. what an interview. how will these comments affect the national debate, do you believe? >> it was quite an interview. it was dick cheney unleashed. it was quite substantive. i think to answer your question, we have to look back at the last time dick cheney weighed in this wholeheartedly on national- security issues. remember we had those dueling speeches by barack obama and dick cheney on the same day? most people that assessed those first round -- that first round of a standoff came away with the feeling that dick cheney had won round one. we will have to see whether he wins
. so are supporters of the president also seeing these demands? bill: molly is with us continuing the coverage of this story. what is in the letter? >> they say house democrats are putting pressure on insurance companies. again, thisç is from henry waxn along with part cpac. they say the committee is examining executive compensation and other businessç practices f the health insurance industry. -- along with bart stupak. the companies have been given until september to respond. the congressman wants information on revenue premiums, claims payments, where birds on conferences, company property, as well as travel, food, and get this. bill: has the company given a response yet? >> the companies have declined to comment. the three largest insurance companies have said that they received the letter. i just spoke to a spokesperson for the american health insurance plan, one of the industry associations, and calls it a politically-motivated fishing activity. çhe says letter raises the broader issues thatç these companies will have to face a larger increase into their practices. b
to nationalize health care. support is dropping to a new low. 42% of u.s. voters favor the plan. opposition to the plan is that 53%. a new poll challenges the president's road trip when pitching health care reform. we had a heck of a show yesterday. i had no idea what we were walking into when the town hall meeting was interrupted in pennsylvania. megyn: fascinating. bill: senator chuck grassley has a meeting today in iowa, we will keep an eye on that as well. megyn: by the way, to all of you that wrote in thanking us for airing the town hall, you are more than welcome. that was extraordinary to watch. you do not expect those moments to come along each and every day, but when you get them, you show them. these polls confirm what we have already seen across the country. americans are concerned about the proposed changes to their health care. those concerns were not voice at a different town hall yesterday, a town hall conducted by president obama in new hampshire. critics are asking how it was that the president found so many fans of reform in one place. bill: it was a pack house. -- packed
to look at who you said got the e-mails. host: major garrett joins us later in the show with the latest in what has now become an ongoing back and forth with the white house on this. bill: as away search for enss we get e-mails from viewers and we have gotten several who said i sent an e-mail to flag the white we want to answer your questions how the white house posed it. they would send up to 10 e-mails and not get an answer but in return they would get the e-mail from david axelrod which has raised some of the suspicion as to why the white house would take in this information and send out their own e-mail perhaps pushing the healthcare reform package. megyn: we are keeping a list of all of your e-mails and we intend to e-mail you when our new year's eve comes up to be with us. just kidding. bill: no, we are not. americans have some ideas for the white house when this comes to the economy. latest opinion dynamic polling shows a growing number, 44%, think the worst is over when it comes to the economy. but since things are getting better there is a big chunk of stimulus money
steve: tomorrow, glenn beck is going to join us live. do not miss that. gretchen: in the meantime, logon for hour after the show show with a sneak peek behind the scenes. have a good day. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: we are getting reaction from a top republican on an editorial that nancy pelosi put in "usa today." steny hoyer, going after those who protested protests on health care -- going after those who protested people who were chanting and health care sessions. how about that? megyn: hello, everybody. last week she turned heads when she said that some opponents to this legislation were showing up at these events wearing swastikas. harry reid and then called them on american. -- harry reid then called them un-american. bill: chairman of the republican senate group joins us this morning, your reaction? >> petrilli disappointing and very sad. in fact -- >> it really disappointing and very sad. in fact, democrats in the house were told not to talk on this issue. we were not allowed to send
the pounds." brian: dana perino will be joining us on the radio. steve: fabulous. the after the show show starts in about 10 seconds. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: brand new reports out of washington on the fate of government run health insurance. a big dustup amongst the democrats, moderates saying that they are opposed in the senate. liberals like howard been saying "i do not think that health reform can pass without the public option." what do you do? good morning, everyone. megyn: you heard it, no government run insurance, no bill. all this despite the fact that the president hinted at the fact that he did not have to have government run health insurance. there could be another possibility. kathleen sebelius even said that it was not essential to reform. then the white house came out and said that she misspoke. bill: wondering if this is a deal breaker? we have been managing editor out of washington, our vice president of news, bill salmon. that door seemed to open up in colorado. th
it in perspective for us. this senator was key to this president's election. >> absolutely, good morning. we are at the oak bluffs elementary school. my camera man is going to move the camera so that you can see that the flag is flying at half staff. they are flying that way at the u.s. capitol, all over martha's vineyard, part of a symbolic tribute to, as you said, a senator, a legislator, someone who left a mark not just on american politics, but on this particular president. you asked about logistics', we expect the president to take the microphone at 9:30, his remarks will be about 10 minutes long, talking about his own personal feelings for senator kennedy and placing his death in the ongoing and raging debate in america on health care. we have seen that ted kennedy was an inspiration to those fighting right now in america for health care reform. the democratic national committee has announced that they will pay tribute to ted kennedy next month at their party's national meeting. a historical footnote, it was 1970 when he ran with lyndon johnson. next month, the democratic party will pa
and in the cost of health care reform. bill: stuart varney, fox business network, with us live. 94 taking with us -- taking this with us one at a time. >> the writing is on low wall and it has been for some time. it's as this, middle america is going to have to -- and it says this, middle america is going to have to pay for this with taxes. just for confirmation, let's take another look at timothy geithner's interview. >> roger altman said that it is no longer a matter of whether tax revenues must increase, but how. is he right? >> george is absolutely right. it is important for everyone to understand, we will not get this country back on track unless we can convince the american people that we have the will to bring things down once recovery is firmly established. >> you have a right there, quite clear. absolutely right, we have got to raise more tax money. it is widely acknowledged that the rich cannot pay for it all. coming down the food chain means middle american taxes are going to go up. my guess is that they will be taxing the stocks that we buy, the consumption tax. that is the only way t
a bureaucrat telling us when we can go to the doctor, what kind of doctor we can go to, or where we can go for anything. we want to retain the freedom that we have in this country. >> all that i am asking is for the senator to make something that is not so wicked complex and long that it takes someone like me -- bill: august 17 on the calendar, at least two more weeks of town hall meetings. senator standards hopes to hold another. -- senator sanders hopes to hold another before leaving vermont. megyn: new polls show that a majority of americans think that this health care program is a big waste of money. you recall that our foxhole want their money back instead of allowing the government to spend it. stuart varney joins us with more. what are these newest polls? >> clearly, a majority of americans suggest that the stimulus plan is not working, that it has not helped the economy, and an even bigger majority, 60% today in a gallup poll say that it will not help the economy in the years to come. this is a huge problem for the economic program of the obama administration. they have launched a
't there a reason that we have such a debt limits? stu varney of the fox business network is here with us now. is there a reason that congress placed it at 12.$12.1 trillion. >> the national debt is the amount of money, the accumulated data over the years. as the outstanding national debt. this is no different from the deficit. we're talking national debt. at the moment, we owe $11.7 trillion. megyn: we are talking trillion. >> yes, and we're adding $200 billion to the outstanding debt total each month. in eight weeks, they will bump up above that ceiling. treasury secretary tim geithner is very anxious. he is desperate to extend that ceiling so that we can borrow even more money. he says this is to reassure lenders. in my opinion, it has the opposite effect. it looks like spending is out of control. we are desperate to borrow even more money. megyn: the debt is money that we owed to creditors of the united states. if we do not raise the debt limit, are we going to default? >> yes, precisely. if we do not raise the debt ceiling -- we have to. we would default. this is a factor in these town h
that president crediting ben bernanke as hrnjic with helping us stem the tide of the financial crisis and listing some of his own initiatives, some of which are controversial and press -- and crediting ben bernanke with those, calling them steps of necessity, not choice. the president taking a bit of time out to get down to business and make an announcement that was not unexpected on the day with some major financial news. we have that for you now. it is a fox news alert. over the next hour, we will get big announcements on federal spending the news is expected to be ugly. at 9:30, white house officially releases its new project -- its new projection for the federal deficit over the next 10 years. an hour from now, the congressional budget office offers its forecast. it is set to predict that the national deficit over the next 10 years will skyrocket to more than $9 trillion. that is a big headline. good morning, everybody. rick: nice to be with you. thank you very much. the new deficit news could mean some serious challenges for this administration and its attempt to pass a major overhaul of our
. despite this sentiment, a growing number of congressional democrats say they will use their majority status to force this plan on americans whether they want it or not. bill: that attitude is leading the headlines today. >> it is interesting, on sunday kathleen sebelius said that a public government option is not essential, then robert gibbs had to explain the deal. let's listen. >> the secretary on sunday said that it is not be essential part. >> that was saturday. >> he did not say that before. and answer that one part, he had not said it before. >> the president has said repeatedly that he is open to different ideas and discussions. >> the white house saying that nothing had changed, but in grand junction they said that we seem to be bracing for the possibility of a government-run option, possibly no government- run option. bill: what about this whole suggestion that democrats are getting ready to go it alone without republicans? >> all indications are that they are listening to what is being said coast to coast. chuck grassley mentioned the idea of death panels, which the white h
victory, but that north korea used these journalists as bargaining chips and that they have played this game before. he also says that the leader, kim jong-il, has secured significant. anita, do we expect to hear from these two women when they come in sight of the hangar in the next few minutes? >> we have not received official word, but we are certainly hoping so. this is expected to be a joyous occasion, in a matter of moments when the airplane as role in. this is a green facility, according to rules it must be tugge din. we have -- tugged in. you can see the platform already set up with a welcome home sign. we presume that everyone on board will walk down those stairs, touching down for the first time in 4.5 months. on my right i want to show you that we have several rows of chairs shot -- set up. we are expecting remarks from dignitaries. many members of both girls families are here. in the case of euna lee, her 4- year-old daughter is here. i wanted to mention something that you touched upon earlier. we have learned through official sources that the two journalists have been a
a wonderful way of putting everything in perspective for us. >> you have not got a prayer. it is never going to happen. when was the last time a politician took $1 trillion of your money, did not spend it, and gave it back? >gregg: but if people start demanding that they are repaid -- let's take a look at this poll number. 72% say, return it to the taxpayers. that translates into the vocal demands that we are hearing across the country. could this help our recovery? >> yes, if we give this money back, it could make an improvement in american's finances. the fact is, the recession is just about over and our economy has self-corrected. we did not get much help from the stimulus plan, but you will hear from politicians that we are on the right track but there is work to be done. the idea that we should not spend and give the money back is practically out of the question, no matter what the voters say. gregg: thank you. megyn: one day after the passing of ted kennedy, nancy pelosi now mentioning his death as a rallying call around health care reform. she said -- but his absence means one fewer v
the federal deficit ballooning to -- where will we, as a nation get that money? stuvarny joins us and i think we're picking up where we left off yesterday? >> yes, consider he's hard dollar numbers in the first six months of this year the amount of money coming spot federal treasury was down $338 billion compared to the same six months last year. when it comes to personal income taxes $178 billion less. corporate income taxes, $130 billion less add it all up and that's 1/3 of a trillion dollars less coming into the federal treasury in this six-month period compared to the same last year. that's a massive short fall any way you slice it. >> so if you're not going to cut programs or spending you're going to have find more income and you do that by raising taxes, right? >> yes, sir, you do. this brings up the whole concept of the middle class tax hike. >> let's go back to when robert gibbs tried to walk back comments from summer and geithner saying some type of tax increase is required. listen to what he had to say. >> you can understand why people took it as geithner and sum ners trying to open bill: this is a fox news alert. president obama using his strongest language to date planning republicans for torpedo with his efforts in health care. the president accusing the gop of a conspiracy going back years to try to kill health care reform today in order to win midterm election next year. and a"n] poll showing americans faith in president obama has taken a hit. at the 100-day milestone, 60%ç of americans expressed confidence in him. today, on the 200-day mark, that number falling to 49%. good morning. megyn: hello, everybody. it is friday. good to see everyone. this latest poll a clear reflection that the health-care debate is not only hurting his popularity, but also his ability to find bipartisan support. still, the president seems confident that health care reform will be passed. bill: he even guaranteed it. we are reporting from the white house. good morning. what does the latest polling tell us about this debate? >> polls show a steady slide all summerç over president obama's handling of this issue. this is the latest poll from the abc news poll. the preside
rove is with us to see how things are shaping up for the president and his attempts at health care reform, and it is not good. bill: first, mike emanuel from the white house. how does the administration view these town hall meetings? >> they believe that some of this anger is being created. robert gibbs said that they are perhaps sending people in to create youtube-type videos to create some anger around the country. bill: on the republican side, maybe give us their perspective as to why these meetings are so significant to them. >> republicans do not have the white house, senate, or house, and they feel like health care reform is being shoved down their throat. let us take a listen to senator jim demint. >> people need not show up at town halls and demonstrate at my office back home, at this thing is going to pass. >> basically, he is in acknowledging that the only chance that they have is public outrage. he did get an earful from one woman asking about health care. he asked if she was paid to be there, that she said, no. bill: thank you, mike. you decide for yourself. megyn: so w
or play. gregg: stu varney joins us to talk about this. does this look true? does this look real? >> it raises the temperature of the debate. you may think this is the dog days of summer, but you are dialing up the volume on the health-care debate. these are from the heritage foundation, a conservative group. they do not like a government health care. these are the people who say $49 billion per year extra cost. 5 million reduced hours and may be jobs threatened. 10 million stunted wages. that is what they say. that raises the temperature and it puts cost, deficits, and monday at the center stage of the health-care debate. on the other side, they're coming back at the heritage foundation. the white house says if you do not get health care reform, health care is in crisis, and this economy is in terrible shape. there's something else to have to throw into the mix. that is tort reform. why is it not on the table? gregg: you could save about a $3 billion on tort reform alone. >> again, raising the temperature. in comes howard dean titties says you cannot have tort reform because we
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21